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    I am busy with my website’s redesign. The design, still in working progress is using your AviaSlider and can be viewed here: http://www.semblance.co.za/toets3/

    Before purchasing your slider I used another slider http://slidesjs.com/ that is freely available on the internet with a different slide effect. I decided to change the design of the slides and so the slide effect too. Your slider seemed to be perfect, for I needed one with a fade in – fade out transition and controls at the bottom.

    My previous slider design and the existing one, have to use transparent .png. With http://slidesjs.com/ the .png display perfectly across all browsers. When using your slider however, in IE at first, the .png gets a black background. I managed to find this bit of code in your .js file where there is a condition, that if browsed with IE the background should be black. I changed that to transparent, but now the shapes in the png has a jaggered black line around the shapes.

    Why is your slider doing this to the .png image (http://slidesjs.com/ did not do that) and is there a way around it?

    You can see what I mean viewing http://www.semblance.co.za/toets3/ in IE compared to all other browsers.

    Really hope this is something that can be resolved.

    Thank you in advance.




    as far as I know the IE had problems with the opacity filter (which is buggy) and Kriesis slider. Some users reported a “white dot effect” which appeared after the fading transition. That’s why Kriesi started to work with black backgrounds to avoid this IE bug. I’ll ask to comment on it.



    The problem you are encountering is nothing that is slider specific unfortunatley. All versions of IE (all but IE9) have major problems with image transitions that are done by changin the opacity value, when it comes to fading transparent pngs. I dont think that there is a slider ot there that uses opacity and is able to fade a transparent png24 in IE without problems.

    It will work with either png8 or gif, which might be sufficient in your case, or you could create full jpeg images of the different slider states.

    Sorry that I cant offer any more in this case…


    Thanks guys for your quick response – sucks though with IE. I understand though. For all the other browsers that play nice I need to stick with PNG24.

    Is there a line/s of code that you can think of to add, like you did with the background…

    To target same file name, but with different extension (.gif) when browsing with IE.

    I realise this is a far stretch, but thought I will ask anyway :/

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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