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    At first i want to thank you all for a such a great theme – really blowed our mind already!

    However we have set aviaslider on our frontpage, images are displaying correctly. We uploaded from computer this 1,4mb sized MP4 video with resollution 896 x 360. We see play button and hear sounds after clicking the button but everything else is black – no video?


    By the way is it possible to add videos from youtube to portfolio that they would be automatically as HD quality?



    the video player supports mp4 videos however I don’t know why it doesn’t work in your case. Maybe try to use a different encoding tool. Maybe you can post a link?

    2) We use the embed function: to embed videos. As far as I know it doesn’t provide a youtube hd parameter at the moment.



    I’m having a similar issue with videos embeded in the aviaCoridion slideshow. The video is playing way off to the right almost off the panel (behind other featured images). I thought it was the size of the video, but I tried different sizes and it still didn’t work. If I use the same video and switch to another slideshow (ie. aviaslider), the video is centered nicely.

    Also, where and how do I find and get updates to the Corona theme or any of the avia framework updates that may get released(are they released by theme)?





    You can download the update at (log in and go the the download area). Replace the old theme files with the new ones (make a backup first though). If you’ve made customizations you can use version.rtf (the changelog) to replace the updated files only.

    Maybe the newest update (Corona 1.1) will fix the video problem (some framework bug fixes are included in this update).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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