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    I searched but can’t find it – must be blind – can’t find where to set which slider option to use – blocks, fading curtain etc…

    using the standard

    … set up.

    Also – the shadowy background image (/images/layout/bg.jpg) doesn’t show up in the sample page although image is in the correct location?

    Many thanks, Rita



    1) The easiest way to get the sample code for most options is to have a look at htmljscustom.js – the file contains all slider configurations of the demo page. Eg following code will create a block transition:

    // here you can see the slide options I used in the demo page. depending on the id of the slider a different setup gets activated
    $('#frontpage-slider').aviaSlider({ blockSize: {height: 80, width:80},
    transition: 'slide',
    display: 'all',
    transitionOrder: ['diagonaltop', 'diagonalbottom','topleft', 'bottomright', 'random']

    You can find all the sample code snippets in the documentation (javascript section) too.

    2) Can you post a link please – I need to investigate the image issue with firebug.



    thanks for reply, will check the custom.js file.

    re the shadowy background, I just used your example as supplied and inserted all the bits into a test file.

    please see here: http://www.farmandfencing.co.uk/test1.html

    all other files are in the folders as supplied. Many thanks for checking this out.



    Hi Rita,

    I believe in the example files the shadow is actually the background of the main top div so you would need to add it as a background image to the css for your slideshow container and then align it a bit.




    Ah, I see, found it!! Many thanks for all your help!! Great service. Rita :-)



    Glad Devin and Peter could help. :-)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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