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    I purchased Corona theme and I like it very much, but now I need to move to Brightbox because I need full WPML compatibility.

    But I wouldn’t give up with the wonderful AviaCordion slider included in Corona theme. Is it possible to easily integrate it in Brightbox ?

    How can be done technically speaking ?

    Thanks in advance for reply.


    Hey! This would require some heavy code modifications to the brightbox theme, much more than we could support in a single forum thread. I am very sorry for that but if you really want to make that happen you would either need to work yourself through the files or hire someone who is familiar to wordpress and can pull that off.

    I have opened a thread on themeforest for authors who can be hired and know their way around WordPress. You might want to contact one of those: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -to-make-some-money/24795?page=1

    Or you might want to give these sites a try:

    in addition wpcandy also has a job directory with designers and developers that might be helpful:

    Best regards



    Thanks for your honest reply, Kriesi. But I don’t know if I can outsource this task because of my poor budget.

    Anyway, which action could be cheaper on you opinion for a rather-skilled WP developer ?

    option A: make Corona theme full WordPress Multilingual Plugin compliant (I know there are some issues with portfolio entries)

    option B: implement AviaCordion slider on Brightbox ?

    Thanks again for your reply!



    Brightbox uses the (same) framework like Corona. You’ll experience the same problems with WordPress Multilingual Plugin+Corona and WordPress Multilingual Plugin+Brightbox. I’d choose option A in this case.




    Sorry Peter,

    but I don’t understand…

    As I see on (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /233917


    Brightbox is already and officially WordPress Multilingual Pluginv ready and compatible. Corona is not (almost officially) as I can see on template page on TF. So I was wondering about the options: WordPress Multilingual Plugin+Corona and AviaCordion+Brightbox (and not WordPress Multilingual Plugin+Brightbox because it should already be fully integrable as read there).

    So my doubts were about the minor effort about Corona changes (for WordPress Multilingual Plugin integration) and Brightbox changes (for Aviacordion integration)…is it more clear now? (I hope!)

    Do you still suggest me to modify Corona for WordPress Multilingual Plugin integration ? Are news about portfolio issues (I’ve seen other posts on forum) ?

    Thanks again!



    I’ll ask Kriesi if there’s a difference between Brightbox and Corona regarding WordPress Multilingual Plugin but I’m pretty sure that both use the same framework and portfolio code and therefore they’ll use WPML the same way.

    Best regards,



    Hi Peter,

    I believe what you’re saying…I do think Corona and Brightbox use same framework and so WPML integration should be the same…

    BUT IF IT’S TRUE…why only on Brightbox official theme page (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /233917

    there’s WPML badge and you can read “Multilingual ready” ?!?

    On Corona official theme page

    there’s NOT any WPML reference…

    Also on WPML compatibility themes page Corona is not mentioned (while Brightbox IS):

    So…could you kindly ask Kriesi which is the correct interpretation:

    1) Brightbox is ACTUALLY WPML ready and does NOT need any changes (for portfolio too)

    2) Both Brightbox and Corona CAN BE integrated with WPML but they BOTH need changes on theme core in order to do that (so WPML badge on Brightbox official page could be partially inopportune)

    3) Both Brightbox and Corona are ALREADY and ACTUALLY WPML ready and do NOT need any changes (for portfolio too)

    Thanks in advance for explanation!

    Best regards



    I asked Kriesi to comment on this issue – personally I think 2) is true.




    Thank you Peter for your honest opinion.

    I’m waiting for Kriesi comment too…

    Best regards



    Actually the following is the case: I submitted brightbox to the WPML team and they told me how to modify the theme to make it 100% compatible. This was a long process and in the end the portfolio still isnt 100% up to the task, so i decided to not use the badge on any other themes until I found a way to modify the behavior of either the plugin or the themes to my likings. So from your list I would also say that 2 fits the most. both work very well with WPML but the portfolio section has some issues that are not yet resolved



    Just FYI – the latest version of Propulsion is 100% compatible with WPML. You can even set different logos, etc. for each language.



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