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    1) Here is a live example: http://imba-shopping.com/page/2/

    On that page (and also on http://imba-shopping.com/page/4/ )

    As you can see its a normal blog layout. And the thumbnails for all posts are showing correctly. For all, but non for the posts in which i use AviaCordin slider (which is far the best and my favorite. And i want to use it oftenly).

    So, the problems is clear – because of some reason, instead of a thimbnail, the blog layout just throw the whole “AviaCordion” slider content of the post in the place where only 1 thumbnail (of that post) whould appear.

    How to solve this?

    PS: Screenshot: http://imba-shopping.com/images/error.jpg



    Update: I`ve tryed to play aroun the dinamic template which my blog is using. Well, even if i switch from the “small” thumpbnails to the middle-size ones, nothing changes.

    The blog stils shows full AviaCordion slider, ant not 1 preview image.

    So, it seems like the blog actuaaly does two things at once:

    1)Its shows whole AviaCordion slider (and not a preview image).

    2)But inside that slider, the pictures are shown in the size of settet thumbnails.

    (If i choose “small preview images” the blog shows that: http://imba-shopping.com/images/error.jpg (if you pay attention, its like there are bunch of SMALL thumbnails inside that AviaCordion).





    im still experiencing that issue and that is pretty major factor for me(my blog) ((

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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