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    Within Flashlight in Fullscreen Slider mode, I’m trying to get the image to align to the top, rather than the center of the viewport. Tried a bunch of the usual css, but no luck yet. Help?


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    Can you post the link to your website please?

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    What I’m trying to accomplish involves how the image scales as the window shrinks. A horizontal image will scale to the center of the viewport, whereas I would like it to remain pinned to the masthead at the top.

    Many thanks



    Unfortunately this is not easily possible. The background slider uses a canvas element and javascript to calculate the image position and to resize the image if necessary. All calculations are based on the center position (and require) a centered image – thus you would need to rewrite some parts of the background slider script if you want to change the image position. If the customization is necessary for your project please hire a freelancer here: or here:



    Thanks for the response. I was able to resolve my issue by adding a scaling factor to the file running the display. I’d added an extra header div that was throwing off the centering, which was causing my problem. I wound up subtracting the height of the header div from the formula. All better now. Just have to watch it with future template updates. I look forward to a genuinely responsive version of this template.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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