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    Avia slider options are missing for my installed habitat theme?

    Any Suggestions…


    What exactly is missing? Do you mean the slideshow options under Habitat Options > Slideshow options?


    No that is there. Doesn’t seem to be any options for the type of slider or for adding text (banners) to images as in demo of habitat?

    (or is this watered down version of options for slider as seen on the demo page for slider?)

    Also how can you put slider on home page (or remove / rename homepage) if you want to use another page as default – as home page seems inacessible as page?



    Please read the documentation – it answers all your questions.

    If you want to add a title or description, you need to add it in your media gallery to your featured image. You can add featured images to every post and page – if you add more than one featured image you’ll get a slideshow automatically. You can change the transition type and some other options (fullwidth slideshow for the first post or page, etc.) under Habitat Options > Slideshow options.

    If you want to use another static homepage go to Settings > Reading – there you can select any page or post to be your static homepage. All featured images which are attached tio this post/page will appear in a slideshow.


    Thanks, have it working as desired. On the flipside there now seems to be issues with portfolio options. I have added portfolio items and set my portfolio page but when i go there the page is blank any idea, suggestions?




    What’s the site URL?

    What have you set the permalink structure to?

    Have you modified any theme files?



    just to say this was taken care of on other post!



    It’s already solved. I close this thread now.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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