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    I tried Adobe Browserlabs and there it looks fine in IE7 and IE8 (although the alpha transparency of the background behind the text does not work as expected)

    However! : When I test it on a PC in IE7 and IE8 it stops and only shows the little preloeder circle..

    On my Mac in all browsers it looks fine.

    link :



    open up custom.js and search for following code:

    autorotation: true,

    Replace it with:

    autorotation: true,

    IE doesn’t like semicolons before the brackets :)


    yep that was a mistake!! :-,

    but…. It still does not work in IE7 and 8 ….

    does not show in IE7 and 8 according to the client..


    Both websites ( and ) work for me now. I’ve tested them with IETester and the IE developer console. Maybe try to clear the browser cache. IE doesn’t output any errors anymore….


    ok it works! probably the cache yes! thx a lot!


    Glad that I could help you :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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