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    I notice that you sent the Avia Slider Documentation to someone. I would love it if you could send me the documentation too. I’d like to figure out how to hard code the post that the slider uses on the front page/main slider. Thanks so much. I’m at a standstill until I can figure this out. Cheers!


    Please post your email adress – I’ll send it to you.




    and its a gmail account (didn’t want to put full email for bots) :)


    Ok I sent you an email. I hope I got the right address :)



    I own and operate a web design+development firm and purchased the habitate theme, love it.

    Can you please send me the slideshow document as well? my email is: (Email address hidden if logged out) .

    many thanks.


    I sent you a mail.



    I bought the avisio theme and it didn’t came with the avia slider documentation. Could you sent it to me pls?

    (Email address hidden if logged out)


    why don’t you just publish the documentation, instead of we asking for it?

    can you send it please estudiospiral at gmail



    I too would like to get the syntax documentation for the avia slider..

    Please not the email address and replace the AT with a @


    I’ve uploaded the documentation here:

    I’m not sure why everyone needs it suddenly as it won’t help much when using the theme and you mustn’t/are not allowed to use the slider as a standalone product (you need to buy a seperate license for it) but I guess it’s the “oh, something for free effect” :D

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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