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    I am running Event Espresso as of yesterday on my site ( and I experienced issues with the multiple event registration plugin so I contacted Event Espresso’s tech support team. When they check my site they noticed that a script that is a part of the theme “avia.js” is causing a javascript error within my site which is stopping the multiple event registration plugin from working since its javascript based as well. I need for the Event Espresso module to work so how can I solve the error within the site centering around avia.js?



    We don’t have an access to the premium plugin Event Espresso, it is not free and very expensive. The avia.js contains most of the script needed to run the theme. Can you give us a link to the website? I’m afraid we can’t help you with the third party plugin but we’ll try our best.

    Incarnation already have the plugin Events Calendar.




    It looks as though Event Espresso was able to figure it out. It seems that the Google Analytics Plugin I was using when coupled with the Avia.js prevented the Event Espresso from running successfully. Disabling the plugin didnt work it had to be completely unistalled so that all of its files were removed and magically, the Event Espresso plugin works perfectly within the them.



    Glad they figured it out. We’re very sorry if we can’t give you any advice with the plugin.

    If you like the theme, please send us a feedback here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -page-a-unique-chance



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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