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    When I take a look into the “Media Library”, I would expect to see, where the images are attached to.

    When I use the Avia-Framework, it’s kind of a riddle. ;-)


    My Images are attached to…

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    Hmmm, how can I sort out, to witch post or article are attached to?

    Thank you!



    Hi Dennis,

    When you click to edit one of those images, the URL will say something like:

    The post=### is the post its set to be attached to.


    Hi Devin!

    This link shows only a “dummy”-site, I think for gallery-internal uses.

    This is not helpful.

    Any other ideas?




    Hey Dennis!

    This is the way the internal gallery feature of flashlight works.

    The theme creates a hidden post and attaches all images to that post. then connects the original and the hidden post.

    because of this it was very easy for us to create the gallery functionality for flashlight, since we could use most of the stuff wordpress uses for its default galleries.

    The reason we choose to create an extra hidden post instead of using the default gallery for a post is flexibility. a user should be able to add images to the content that do not appear in the gallery.

    These hidden posts are not intended to be modified directly so there is no interface for working with them


    Hey Kriesi!

    This is unterstood! :-) But: How can I find out, where this hidden post ist used? On my old homepage I’ve about 600 pictures. By name I could say, where they are used. How can I do that in Flashlight? When I want to delete a gallery and the pictures, how do I find the right pictures?

    Thank you!



    I am afraid there is no easy way for a human person to check that connection. the string at the end of the hidden post is the identifier that is used by wordpress to connect the post to the hidden gallery, but finding out which string belongs to which post yourself is almost impossible without hacking the frameworks core files :/


    Okay, thank you, Kriesi! Okay, so I have to organize my image-name-structure. No problem.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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