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    I’m looking for a coder who is able to work out a request i have for my theme (propulsion).

    I requested a carousel for my articles / blogposts for the frontpage of my site but the coder was not able to do this because of the used framework. Can someone provide some contacts of deisgner / freelancer who know how to work with avia framwork?



    Do you have any reference on this carousel slideshow that you want to create for your website? Please visit or, maybe they have developers who knows something about avia framework.




    Hey there,

    Propulsion already has a carousel on the frontpage for the woocommerce shop all i want is the same function for my posts.

    I used before but i did not know it is that complicated to work with this framework and the hired person sent me my payment back and said i should try to find someone else who is familiar with this framework..

    There’s nobody on odesk who claims he can work with this framwork.


    I’ve some spare time and I can help you with this task. If you’re interested please use the contact form here: and send me the project details ( most important question – do you want the hover effect like the product slider shows? or just a preview thumbnail link? ). This modification is beyond the scope of the support forum and I’d help you on a freelancer basis (I’ll make a quote before I start to work on the project).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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