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    Got one last important issue with the Feedback Box script –

    We’ll ask our Customers to use this; however, like us, they will have numerous individuals on the same company IP address. This means that as soon as one individual uses up his/her votes, the rest of the people in the organisation will have 0 votes.

    How can we get around this problem?




    Bump ^



    I already reported it to Kriesi….


    Thanks – do you know when we’re likely to hear back?





    Any news on this?




    And again …




    Hey! I ve looked into the issue and unfortunatley cant provide a good solution for this. when public voting is allowed there are a ton of functions which are connected to the ip adress of the user, since its the only server side identifier that tells the plugin how often a user has already voted. removing the checks for ip adress would allow everyone to cast votes as often as they want to without the script beeing able to detect which person that was. There is a cookie solution built in but it only serves as an additional security meassure that cant be used as identifier. re coding major parts of the plugin would probably make it possible but this would take hours even for me.

    I am sorry that I couldnt come up with better news, I really tried to find a quick and dirty solution for this, but the plugin was never designed with these options in mind :(


    Ok, many thanks for the response.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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