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    When adding a new entry I’ve been unable to get custom UI elements to submit their value. I added a dropdown (Select) box and also radio buttons, but the values are not being submitted. I’ve tested this elsewhere and the values work, but somehow they are not being submitted with Avia. The $_POST value is null.

    You can see an example of the fields I’d like to submit here:

    Any suggestions?



    did you add the class “avia_send_by_js” to your form elements? Following code in aviafeedback js file indicates that the class is required to get the values for the ajax function.

    var button = $(this),
    parent = button.parents('.avia_feedback_inner_form'),
    commentParent = button.parents('.avia_feedback_entry_content'),
    commentCounter = $('.avia_feedback_comment span', commentParent),
    elements = $('input[type=text]:visible, textarea',parent),
    id = $('.avia_send_by_js',parent).val(),
    datacheck = container.methods.checkData(elements),
    datastring = "ajax=true&action=""&id="+id;


    I should also note that if I make it a text input it works flawlessly.

    The avia_send_by_js class is in a hidden field in the form as by default:

    $feedbackHTML .= ” <input type=’hidden’ value='”.$post_id.”‘ name=’avia_”.$context.”_post_id’ class=’avia_send_by_js’ />”;

    I copied the code from the other fields, they do not have this class

    $feedbackHTML .= ” <p>”;

    $feedbackHTML .= ” <label for=’avia_”.$context.”_name’>Your Name</label>”;

    $feedbackHTML .= ” <input type=’text’ value=” class=’avia_text_input’ name=’avia_”.$context.”_name’ id=’avia_”.$context.”_name’ />”;

    $feedbackHTML .= ” </p>”;

    $feedbackHTML .= ” <p>”;

    $feedbackHTML .= ” <label for=’avia_”.$context.”_mail’>Your E-Mail (won’t be displayed)</label>”;

    $feedbackHTML .= ” <input type=’text’ value=” class=’avia_text_input’ name=’avia_”.$context.”_mail’ id=’avia_”.$context.”_mail’ />”;

    $feedbackHTML .= ” </p>”;

    $feedbackHTML .= ” <p>”;

    $feedbackHTML .= ” <label for=’avia_”.$context.”_titel’>Subject</label>”;

    $feedbackHTML .= ” <input type=’text’ value=” class=’avia_text_input’ name=’avia_”.$context.”_titel’ id=’avia_”.$context.”_titel’ />”;

    $feedbackHTML .= ” </p>”;


    With that post you might have given me the answer though. Here is feedbackbox.js:

    parent = button.parents(‘.avia_feedback_inner_form’),

    commentParent = button.parents(‘.avia_feedback_entry_content’),

    commentCounter = $(‘.avia_feedback_comment span’, commentParent),

    elements = $(‘input[type=text]:visible, textarea’,parent),

    id = $(‘.avia_send_by_js’,parent).val(),

    datacheck = container.methods.checkData(elements),

    datastring = “ajax=true&action=””&id=”+id;

    look at the 4th line.


    Solution: In feedbackbox.js search for “input[type=text]:visible, textarea” and replace it with “input[type=text]:visible, textarea, select, input[type=radio]”

    This allows submitting select drop downs and radio buttons

    My code looks as follows for each 3 lines:

    elements = $(‘input[type=text]:visible, textarea, select, input[type=radio]’,parent),

    newFeedbackForm.find(‘input[type=text]:visible, textarea, select, input[type=radio]’).val(”);

    commentParent.find(‘input[type=text]:visible, textarea, select, input[type=radio]’).val(”);


    Glad that you found a solution. I’ll report it to Kriesi – everyone can profit from it :)

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