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    I just purchased Avia Slideshow to use with my Avisio themed site. Since Avisio’s code referred to Avia in its CSS class names, I expected it would be a matter of swapping some replacing or adding some files to realize the additional slideshow transitions. Since the documentation makes no mention of this, I’m beginning to think that isn’t true. I was hoping to retain the Avisio admin functionality in terms of choosing transitions. Is that possible?



    Avisio uses the avia slider for the frontpage slideshow. There’s no need to by the standalone script (it’s no wordpress plugin). You can change the slideshow transition in the avisio option panel (Avisio Options > Slideshow Options).


    But the Avia script page lists 8 different transition options, while the built-in one in Avisio has only 3. How do I get the others? That’s why I bought it… I wanted some of the other transitions.


    Yes but you can replicate these transitions by adjusting the “Rectangle height” & “Rectangle width” options. The avia slider only offers 3 transitions which look different if you combine them with “Transition Direction”, “Rectangle height” & “Rectangle width”.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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