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    When using the highly popular comment system Disqus the avatars doesn’t show. I see that there is room for them and so on but they aren’t visible. Please advise

    Example of a post with comments: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -du-inte-ar-dar/#disqus_thread


    Do you have a screenshot which shows how it should look like? I can’t see any avatar image files in the source code. We don’t support third party plugins offically (we try our best to help you though).

    The Dude


    Here is a screenshot when using another theme (in this case Thesis):

    Disqus avatars has worked without any problems with any other theme i’ve ever used. Something must be altered in the comment code for Newscast compared with other themes.

    I’m no coding specialist but i’ve seen that the theme contains its own function for listing comments. wp_list_comments.php holds this function within the theme and the function is called “function custom_comments”.

    I’m greatly thankful that you are trying to help me, even though you suspect its a third party plugin problem. However I actually think the problem reside in newscast and this particular custom comment function or something similair since it works with other themes that use the vanilla way of listing comments.

    For me personally it would be enough to know how to turn this function off cos then I’m quite certain it will work again. Now I think this extra part disrupts the way Disqus works partially. Eg. where to remove the call for the custom function or something like that.


    In comments.php you’ll find following code which lists the comments:

    <ol class="commentlist"><!--one comment-->
    <?php wp_list_comments('callback=custom_comments'); ?>
    <!--end of one comment if you would like to seperate comments and pings please search for english tutorials-->


    Yes that’s how far I got when I tried looking into it. But what do I do from here to “deactivate” it and use wp’s built in comment listing instead?


    Try to replace it with following code:

    <ol class="commentlist">
    <?php wp_list_comments(); ?>

    Kriesi uses a callback function to give the comments listing an individual style. You can have a look at the reference


    Thanks but actually it didn’t change anything.


    As far as I know this callback function is the only php related modification to the comments. Maybe there’re some css changes which cause your error. Please try to “deactivate” the css files (just rename them for a short time and check if the avatars appear.) If not, I need to look into it a bit deeper or I ask James for help.

    The Dude


    Any update on this? I also notice that in the “Add New Comment” box, the choices for login (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) do not appear (there should be logos there)


    I’m sorry I couldn’t find a solution. As it’s a third party plugin it’s not officially supported.



    It’s the CSS. However, I did replace the comments.php with the comments.php from the WordPress default theme just to be safe.

    In Style.css comment out:

    .js_active #main img{

    visibility: hidden;


    This will allow you to see avatars.

    In style1.css, style2.css, style3.css, style4.css (depends on your colour scheme) comment out:

    #top .entry ul li {

    background:transparent url(../images/skin1/bullet1.png) no-repeat scroll 0 9px;


    This will allow you to see the social login buttons.

    I’m not sure what these CSS styles do. I’m still figuring it out but they are the cause.

    I would suggest using FireBug to tinker with your CSS.


    Any news about this? I have the same problem :-/


    It seems like Disqus uses the avatar images as a “list style type” – Kriesi uses dots as background images for unordered lists, Disqus uses avatar images for its comments lists. The only solution to make both compatible is to change the css of Disqus a bit.


    The solution posted by Lazlomass worked for my site…I too was having the same issue. Will making these changes as he suggested affect the comments section when disqus does not load. Thanks Lazlomass for the solution!

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