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    Hy to everyone,

    i would like change just one text of autoresponder and exactly the “true” at the end of reply.

    Any suggest?

    I have copied the reply here down.

    Thank you in advanced.


    Abbiamo ricevuto il tuo messaggio!

    Le risponderemo quanto prima.

    GeG Printing Cards

    Il tuo messaggio:

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    The auto-responded is located in page class-form-generator.php in directory /framework/php/ around lines 400-500. Once you open that file just use the find command to locate the appropriate words you are seeking.




    Hi nick,

    thank for the answer.

    I have tried several time in class-form-generator.php but there is no the word as “true” that i can change.




    True is probably the return value of a checkbox – you can’t change this value because a checkbox can only return “true” or “false” for checked or not checked. However you can try to replace following line in class-form-generator.php:

    $message .= $element['label'].": ".nl2br(urldecode($new_post[$key]))."<br/>";


    if( $new_post[$key] == true || $new_post[$key] == 'true' ) $new_post[$key] = 'my text';
    $message .= $element['label'].": ".nl2br(urldecode($new_post[$key]))."<br/>";

    and instead of “my text” insert your custom text.


    That’s perfect!

    Thank you very much Dude.

    Have a nice day.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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