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    hi there!

    autoplay in ‘newsslider’ ia not working even though it’s set to ‘true’ in ‘custom.js’ file.

    And in your demo it is not working also (it set ‘true’ again i suppose), any possible reason or solution?





    any ideas how to make ‘autoplay’ work?


    There are more people looking for this :)

    I’ll try to find some code out by myself in the mean time…


    On line 496 in my version of the js/custom.js includefile there is a line saying:

    autorotate: function()


    //autorotation not yet supportet


    So its not a bug but a missing part. The settings screen seem to indicate it can work. I tried manipulating some code to no avail.

    Please help :)



    Auto rotation is not currently supported, though it may be considered as part of a future update :)



    I changed something in the cutom.js from click to mouseover:

    Original: controll.bind(‘click’, {currentSlideNumber: i}, slideWrapper.methods.switchSlide);

    New version: controll.bind(‘mouseover’, {currentSlideNumber: i}, slideWrapper.methods.switchSlide);

    This makes the news not auto-rotate, but you do not have to click on it to get a new slide. Clicking on the item takes you to the full- item itself.

    Maybe that is a nice work-around for you? (Any other updates for autorotation are welcome :))


    Hi, anything new on this subject?

    I tried Pixelbits customisation but it doesn’t work in all browsers. At least not in Chrome. :(

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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