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    by now i have tried about a dozen mp3/audio player plugins – for example jw-player, zbplayer, miniaidioplayer and even the two by yourself recommended audio plug ins wp-jplayer and haiku-audio player ( (Purchase code hidden if logged out) ) – to place some mp3-speech-files into a portfolio-item.

    but none of the players are working, if select the item out of the portfolio grid on the start page – while opening the portfolio item on the current page.

    i would prefer to go on working with the haiku player for its simple interface.

    but how can i get this or any other audio plugin working with the angular portfolio?

    thanks in advance.


    1) I never recommended the plugins – I just said “did you try”… – that’s not a recommendation.

    2) I’m not familiar with the plugin code and I don’t have enough time to dig into the code. But the reason why these plugins don’t work is the ajax content. JQuery won’t initialize the player because you first need to bind the player function to the ajax html content. Kriesi created a function (stored in the variable ajax_event) to bind all necessary functions (lightbox, etc.) to the new loaded ajax content. I’d contact the mp3player author and ask him how to start the player with js/jquery. I’s probably a simple function call. Then we can help you to implement this function into avia.js.


    Thanks for that. so we will wait for this answer. ;)



    Great. I’ll leave this thread open.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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