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    I have several attributes saved in the attributes section of woocommerce (latest version) with slugs….when I try and create a product and add a variable or an attribute, it will let me add the attribute, but as soon as I publish, the attributes I added to the product disappear….I have the latest version of the theme and the latest version of woocommerce… I need to edit some permissions or something? wtf


    the whole product attributes thingy seems to be a bit out of order after the latest WooCommerce updates… Sheesh, I knew I should have waited with the update… LOL

    Right now (Abundance 1.2.1 and WooCommerce 1.4.4) you seemingly can not add any product attributes at all, and the display of attributes (existing product) in the product editor is messed up, dragging functionality gone, etc. At least existing product variations still work on the front end.

    Looks like the Woo guys keep changing things that make it hard to use their plugin with other themes than their own, eh? Kinda annoying.


    Thanks Martin…so I guess it’s just about finding a version of woocommerce that does what I want it to do with abundance and then never updating :) I downloaded woocommerce version ( and the attributes are working again….the price is also showing up (i had that problem before the last update of woo, which then killed attributes)….woocommerce is a pretty slick plugin and hopefully it will be more stable soon, as long as they stop tweaking it lol we’ll see how it goes with….


    Obviously it works for Martin again: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -143144

    I think it’s a plugin issue and has nothing to do with the theme. Maybe try to saved the permalinks again – see:

    Abundance doesn’t contain hooks which may affect the attributes or the option fields in the backend. The only issue I can imagine is a js/css conflict with the theme files but I didn’t get any errors in the console, so…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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