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    Nick, not sure if you remember helping me out (tremendously) with implementing images in place of my nav items, but I was going to try to create CSS Sprites for the menu. I know that the nav menu might have been created in a slightly non-traditional way, so if that is the case, are css sprites going to be a problem you think? I’m new to sprites so before I spend a bunch of time trying to code this I wanted to check with you to see if it would work for this situation.

    In case you forgot, here’s a look at what we did :

    Thanks Nick,



    Hey Pat,

    It doesn’t look like sprites would be too hard. What you would need to do is combine all the images into one single file for the menu. Basically make it look in the image file just like your menu with the hover image below the regular state.

    Then in your css where you have each background image, you just point to that sprite image and use background position for each. Then the same for hover.




    Thank you Devin!



    The one thing I can add is, you can make everything using regular images , and when all is done, you can just go here, install a bit of javascript as a bookmark and when you click it on the page with regular images, this browser plugin will spit out a ready sprite along with all the needed css.

    These are 2 other sprite generators for different projects, but both quite useful.

    Good luck! You can just add my name as a tag to a new post if you need other assistance in the future..



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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