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    Hi all

    Why don´t you enable subscribe by mail on a thread basis?

    Please………i´m begging you :-)

    BTW> are you using bbpress here? if so, that´s the better bbpress theme i´ve ever seen. There is a remote possibility to share this with us, your dedicated members?




    hi again

    Don´t you think that could be useful for all?



    The forum uses bbpress yes, but it uses the old standalone bbpress which unfortunately isnt compatible with the latest plugins like thread subscription :/

    Once I find the time I will eventually update my site and the forum but until then there will be no subscribe by mail option, I am sorry.

    PS: the forum skin is totaly hacked together, you wouldnt be very happy with it ;)


    Hi Kriesi

    Thanks for your input :-)

    The subscription option It´ll be a great tool for users and even for admins I suppose. We´ll be waiting….

    congrats about that nice bbpress skin…

    PS.: have you ever consider making some bbpress skins to merge with your nice themes?




    I did notice you can add Threads to your Favorites… not sure what that means but maybe it allows for faster access?


    AHA! I found it… under Profile you have the Threads you have started and responded to as well as your Favorites. Not a perfect solution but sure beats searching through the threads for the response! :)


    Hey ameliajune,

    You make a good point in that the feature is a bit hard to find. Maybe Kriesi can add a note on to profiles to point that out a bit more :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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