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    Helping an artist friend set up a site to sell her paintings & it looks like Flashlight would be the best balance of visual impact and shopping cart ability. I’ve used Enfold for another friend, but it doesn’t SEEM to have as much emphasis on the gallery. Would consider other Kriesi options IF they’re strong on the visual presentation.

    Question #1: Does Flashlight with woocommerce support Amazon Payments? My friend doesn’t want to use PayPal & we don’t know of other SIMPLE payment options.

    Question #2: It appears that Flashlight is not a responsive theme. Correct? Will it “break” significantly if viewed on iPhones and the like? (I don’t have/use iPhone, so I can’t test.)

    Question #3: How picky is Flashlight when it comes to importing images? Some of my friend’s pieces have been sold, so we only have quick scans. Will we need to Photoshop everything to the exact same size & resolution?


    Hi amz!

    1) You should be able to use any woocommerce payment gateway with Flashlight because they normally do not interfere with the theme. We didn’t test Amazon Payments with Flashlight though and we can’t guarantee it.

    2) Yes, Flashlight is NOT responsive. It looks ok on mobile devices but obviously responsive themes like Enfold perform better. I strongly recommend to test Flashlight with a mobile device before you purchase it – otherwise you might be disappointed by the results and Envato issue a refund in this case.

    3) It will generate the required thumbnails automatically. You just need to make sure that your uploaded images are not smaller than the thumbnail sizes. If your images are smaller you can change the thumbnail sizes if necessary.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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