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    Really like these themes- This is my second (planning on getting a third later today or tomorrow) but my client is using 3.5.1 I already emailed support asking if I can exchange it for something else that works. I have two sites to do in the coming days and it’s starting to look like there are limited choices in Avia that work in 3.5



    There are lots of other themes from Avia Framework that are compatible with WP 3.5. You can select here I suggest Choices or Corona. :)




    Yeah, I never heard back on “trading” this theme… but fortunately I was able to get it to work on 3.5 Thanks


    Hi rmilton,

    Anything from Broadscope forward here (by date): just received updates and should work fine with 3.5+.




    Just logging in and seeing this thread. What exactly doesn’t work with 3.5+ in Avisio? I’ve had a number of issues lately with my site but I’d attributed them all to the W3 Total Cache issues with recent updates. Are there any specifics that have been unresolved in 3.5? I nearly have my site working perfectly again, but I have a small issue or two I couldn’t figure out, so there are known issues with Avisio itself?


    Hi dlvennie,

    I’ve not run into anything major, and really can’t name anything offhand. The only issue is we start out any debugging/support checking first if a theme is up to date and the proper version of wordpress installed. In this case, I would say 3.4 is the last fully working and supported version of wordpress that the theme has had no issues on.

    Coming up soon however Kriesi will either need to update older themes or separate his installation for the demo since its running 3.4 on everything right now.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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