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    Hi, thank you for all your help. I went through the steps to remove the sidebar on all the pages, and then I went back and re-added it to the blog page. But now I am not seeing the archives on the blog page only the pages widget. I’m sure this is probably an easy fix. What do I need to do to bring back the archive. I really only want the archive to show so if you could also tell me how to hide the pages widget on that page, that’d be great.

    thank you



    just drag’n’drop the archive widget into the “sidebar blog” widget area.


    Yes, I tried that, but it still did not show up, which makes me wonder if I deleted important code somewhere.


    Does anyone know how to get the archive back?


    Try to replace sidebar.php with the original file. Hopefully this will solve the problem.


    hmmmm, i did that, but nothing seemed to change…


    if anyone could offer me any suggestions, that’d be great! The site is already live and I am hoping to change this as soon as possible. I appreciate any input or ideas!

    Thank you


    To be honest it’s hard to say what is causing the sidebar problem. Maybe you changed a framework files or includes/register-widget-area.php ?

    The easiest solution would be to upload the unmodified theme files again however I don’t know how many customizations were made, etc.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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