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    Hello Kriesi, I’m sorry for my bad english.

    I have purchased your avisio theme, very nice, but now I want to customize it for my needs.

    For example: are possible, make the archive, not for articles, but for the portfolio items?

    Best Regards, Davide


    You can create a custom page template based on the blog template and updating the query string:

    $query_string = "cat=".$negative_cats."&paged=$paged";

    to include the custom post type, for example:

    $query_string = "post_type=portfolio&paged=$paged";

    Hope this gets you going in the right direction.


    Hello, how to re-convert the portfolio items to normal post? Portfolio items are not manageable with standard mobile apps. Help me please


    Thanks, I done, now, how show the normal post in to portfolio template? It’s possible?

    I see that the theme stop the normal visualization type of post, it’s possible to fix?

    Thanks, Davide

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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