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    Currently the sidebar in my Archive post page shows Pages, Categories and Archive. How would I take out Pages from the default Archive sidebar?

    I tried to change the Sidebar Blog option under Widgets which did solve the Archive page but then added items to my Porfolio page which I didn’t desire which seemed odd since I have custom templates for most of my pages active including the Portfolio page.



    I have the same issue / request. Please advise



    Are you using the dummy widgets? If yes open up sidebar.php and delete following line to remove the page dummy widget:


    Best regards,



    That works perfectly thanks. A follow-up question:

    On my blog I have the categories listed out with a dynamic template and the category widget with the ‘show hierarchy’ selected – perfect. Once I select a blog category (be it the main category or a sub-category, along with the archives) it then uses the dummy widget to show the categories for that page and the hierarchy is no longer displayed. How may I add the hierarchy feature to the dummy category widget?



    Hi matthewglover,

    I’m not quite sure what you mean. Can you link to an example on your site with the different sidebar widgets showing?




    Sure. Just to warn you this is an adult site but there isn’t much on the pages you’re looking at.

    This is the main page with category widget that shows the hierarchy correctly as desired:

    When selecting a category or archive the blog category listing goes back to alphabetical as show here:

    I would like the listing to stay in the hierarchy if possible.



    Go to Appearance > Widgets > Look for Displayed Everywhere widget area. Edit the category widget there.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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