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    Hi all!

    After updating to latest WooCommerce (1.4.2) and current Abundance release (1.2.1) I seemingly can not get variable products to work.

    The existing demo product (that ring with various sizes and colors) does not show any options any more, re-saving does not help either. Looks like something substantial changed.

    When I create a new variable product, I can add/edit attribute(s), assign images and download paths, and create variations with different prizes. In the store the product is correctly shown with a “from (lowest price)” price tag, the attributes are listed correctly in the “additional information” tab, and the attribute with a dropdown box is there as well. Just that there is nothing in the drop-down to chose from… which obviously renders the whole thing useless… ;-)

    anyone else having similiar problems?



    P.S.: local testserver, hence no URL, but this is what a variable product looks like right now:


    Unfortunately I a can not tell exactly where the problem resulted from and if it is a WooC or an Abundance glitch.

    Fact is: the “active”-checkbox in the product variations had been invisible, hence the variations had not been set to active.

    After switching to TwentyEleven and back to Abundance the checkbox showed up again, set product variations to active, works.

    So – maybe a weird glitch just on my testserver, and in case anyone else runs into it: switching themes seems to help.



    Strange, I wasn’t able to reproduce your problem. Thanks for the heads up though! Maybe it’s helpful to other users :)

    Best regards,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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