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    Hi there,

    Is there any way to utilize the WordPress featured image in the loop or in any custom listings of posts, rather than the slideshow images/featured media???




    Hi B,

    You can try adding this to the bottom of the functions.php file:

    add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );

    And see if you can then set them though I’m not sure if the theme will recognize it to use but its the best avenue to try.




    Thanks Devin. That does not seem to do the trick, but I am still looking. It would actually be ideal if I could make this happen and then use another plugin to pull the first image in the post and use that as featured (plenty of plugins for this out there already), but I would be so happy to figure out the first step.

    Do you know which function pulls the first image from the slideshow? Where I might be able to find that? and maybe I can work something from there.

    Thanks again!




    That is handled in this file -> /includes/helper-slideshow.php file (line 139-241).



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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