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    Hi guys,

    Having installed IE9, it seems that the Avisio theme may have a problem or two rendering correctly in IE9 standard (non compatibility) view.

    First problem is that the Homepage ‘Slider Entries’ UI/images don’t show up – it shows a loader image permanently, and,

    Second problem is that the heading fonts (as rendered using Google font API) don’t show, so no headings and therefore no links.

    Is there a planned release to help with this?


    Edit (Add): Forgot to mention that the only way I can get Avision site to work at all adequately at the moment in IE9 is to force it into IE7 compatibility mode (X-UA-Compatible / IE=EmulateIE7); – this at least allows the google fonts API to function so Headings/Heading links show up/work, but the slider will only appear after several page rerfeshes!



    OK, ignore all that; – there have been two version updates since I last looked, in which all issues have been elegantly addressed.



    Glad that the updates solved the problems :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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