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    Hey Kriesi,

    First of all, let me congratulate you for an excellent work. Your template is awesome!!! ;o)

    I’m new to WP, and though I was able to get most things done, there are several subjects I need help with (sorry for the long list).

    Here I go:

    1. Is it possible to use same widget in the Footer for different content?

    I’m using “Propulsion Latest Portfolio” widget to create 4 different groups or categories, in four different columns in the Footer, for posting that use the same kind of content (html, css, video). However, the term “category” is used in two different areas, and this makes it not clear how to use it:

    A: In “Posts”, to define or give a title (I guess) to the “group” some posting belong to, i.e.: News, Recent Work, “Causes” etc…

    B: In “Portfolio Items” to describe the type of content a post may have (html, video, etc)…

    I modified some of the original posts, and assigned each to either “News”, “Work”, or “Causes”. Though the titles for each column in the Footer appear correctly, the postings showing under the titles are actually those in “Portfolio Items”, instead of the postings assigned to each category/column. So, how do I assign a post to appear in the category I want?

    2. How/where do I edit, hide or choose which text to display in the colored bar at the top of the site (where the shopping cart icon goes)?

    3. I need to change the background color of the “input fields” of the contact form, of “Select a page” (for mobile size), and of the “Search site” widget. Where do I do that?

    5. Is it possible to redirect a link in the main menu, so when one clicks on it, it redirects to, for example, its first sub-menu item? If so, how?

    6. Is it possible to use a side bar with only a “custom menu” in it (nothing else), and use it in a page, to load content into that page?

    7. How can I edit, hide or eliminate the content of a sidebar?

    8. Is it possible to use additional plugins in your template (i.e.: Ads by Komoona)?

    I apologize again for the long list, and for posting all the topics in one place, but thought it would be more practical this way. Thanks for your help, and keep up the great work; you rock! Take care,



    Hi Nomar,

    I just answered a few of these in your other thread so I’ll go through and answer the different/new ones here.

    1. That widget is for portfolio content only. If you want to show recent posts, use the Propulsion Latest News widget.

    2 and 3. Answered here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -color

    5. You can set the links directly in the Menus area (underneath Appearance) in the wordpress admin. More about the Menus here:

    6. No. You can use only a custom menu in a sidebar but it won’t load the content in there dynamically. You’ll need to create a new page for each of them and put the sidebar with custom menu widget on to each.

    7.You can modify all of the sidebars in the Widgets panel from within the WordPress admin.

    8. Answered in the other thread (link from answer 2 and 3).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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