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    At first, the perfect theme! very nice and easy!!! Thank you!

    İs there any way to change animationSpeed using fading gallery but only at the homepage? So it should stay the same on the inside galleries but be slower at the main page

    Thank you in advance


    Hi fameless,

    You can edit the page you have set as the Frontpage and below the content, you can see the Slideshow Options, and change the Slidehsow autorotation duration (the numbers are represented in seconds).

    Also change Background Gallery Transition from slide to Fade

    Save it and it should be good to go. :)




    Thank you! but it’s not exactly what I need. The problem is I want the fading longer.So I need the picture changing prosses longer


    1) Navigate to the flashlight/js folder and rename avia_fullscreen_slider.js to avia_fullscreen_slider.js_bak.

    2) Then rename avia_fullscreen_slider-not-minified.js to avia_fullscreen_slider.js

    3) Now open up avia_fullscreen_slider.js and replace:

    data.options 		= $.extend(defaults, options);
    data.slides = slider.find(data.options.slides).css({display:'none'});


    data.options 		= $.extend(defaults, options);
    if(jQuery('body').hasClass('home')) data.options.animationSpeed = 1500;
    data.slides = slider.find(data.options.slides).css({display:'none'});

    You can use any other value and you’re not limited to 1500. The value needs to be in ms – so 1500 converts to 1,5 seconds.


    Thank you so much for the help!!!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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