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    I am having issues with the slider on my website. It gets stuck at the second image. I think this started when I updated WordPress.

    I read through the forum and realized people were having the same problem. The solution was to install the Angular theme update.

    I signed in to my account on ThemeForest to download the Angular theme update, but it does not appear in my Downloads… Maybe this is because I bought it two years ago already?

    What can I do?

    Is there another way to download the update and/or to fix the slider issue I am dealing with?

    Thank you,



    Hey BelleLurette!

    Unfortunately you will need to contact ThemeForest support to see about that. We don’t have any interaction with purchases, refunds or Envato account issue.

    The only way to download the update is from your downloads on Themeforest.

    Best regards,


    Speaking of update, there have been no update for WP 3.8 yet, and basically none since August. Is this theme considered “dead”, only all guns running for Enfold these days?



    No it is not. We have not recieved any issue reports regarding Angular theme working with WordPress 3.8. If you are running to any, please let us know so we can look into it




    Portfolio sorting works fine on my Angular installation on WordPress 3.8 ( see screenshot here http://i.imgur.com/gmx10Jx.jpg ). Are you having the same exact issue other users had in that topic? Please elaborate and note that question was Enfold related in other topic.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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