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    Hi guys,

    first of all… really awesome theme. Love it!

    I just got one problem that is making me crazy. The widget provided with your theme doesn’t show my latest tweets, meaning that it takes really long to refresh (more than 12h). Even when I make changes to the widget (such as changing from 3 to 4 visible tweets) these changes are not updated instantly.

    Help would be great!

    Best wishes




    Open up angularframeworkphpclass-framework-widgets.php and search for following line:

    set_transient(THEMENAME.'_tweetcache_id_'.$username.'_'.$widget_id, 'true', 60*30);

    Replace 60*30 with lower values like 60*1 – this will force wp to check/download the twitter xml file more often.



    I tried it, changed the value as per your advice.

    I cannot see any changes so far, have been monitoring it since two days. It still takes more than 30 hours to refresh if don’t remove/add the widget every time I want it to update.




    Do you use a cache plugin like WPSuperCache or W3TC which can cause this issue?

    Best regards,




    I used Hyper Cache but removed it after a while. Currently I have no cache plugins installed!

    Any ideas what causes this issue???

    Best wishes




    I’m out of ideas now but I marked this post for Kriesi’s attention – probably he knows a solution.




    Sorry, other than caching with a plugin I dont have any idea what could be the problem here. You might want to try to use an external twitter plugin to check if it works better or suffers from the same problems…


    Hi Kriesi staff!

    Same problem here.

    WP 3.5.2

    Angular 1.5

    Plugins: Google XML Sitemaps v3 for qTranslate v

    Twitter Facebook Social Share v 2.4.0

    I think this behavior happens from some theme update. The widget worked perfectly, at least in February.

    Thanks in advanced!

    Sorry for my english.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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