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    Our SEO provider (“Wpromote”) is now looking at our site to determine how they are going to help us ‘get indexed/ranked’ better.

    They noted that having so many “H1” tags on a single page is hurting our SEO big time (they used the term “nuclear”).

    The following is one of our ‘focus’ pages (landing pages) that they are trying to get ranked, and that the AdWords campaign will send prospects to:

    Is there a way we can change all the portfolio “H1″s to “H2″s? [Every pic in the portfolio, Web sites, Social Media, Online Advertising, SEO, Content Marketing, E-mail, and Blogs is assigned an “H1”).

    Is this because of how we used portfolios, using multiple portfolios as navigational landing pages?


    Mark Besh

    Visual Impact Systems


    Hi Mark,

    You can modify the portfolio loop in the includes folder but you really have no need. Multiple H1 tags on a page are completely fine.

    Each portfolio title is a title, the main element of the inner-entry div and the most important part of it.

    So on that page, you have 7 for the portfolio titles and one for the logo/site title and they are encased in repeating div’s which would tell search engines that the content isn’t just link bait, but actualy semantic markup.

    Either way, its up to you since SEO is basically whatever each company believes works now :)





    They are telling us what we have is “no good,” and they will not be able to help us get our pages ranked like this.

    So, can you tell me what to do in the portfolio loop to make the portfolio title images “H2″s?



    Open up includes>loop-portfolio.php, find the h1 tags, change them to h2.



    That worked, but now this is what they are saying:

    “The H1 tags on all three landing pages are now blank. You should have one H1 tag, per page, that contains the keyword targeted at that page.”

    Can I do this somehow in the dynamic templates? or on the “pages” and the “portfolio items”?




    Hey Mark,

    You need to look into a freelance developer at this point. While we can assist with most problem/issues and even minor customization, we really aren’t able to fully customize all aspects of the installation for you.





    One of guys is pretty good at this stuff—he just needs to know how your template “works” (from where the page ‘description’ is generated).




    You used the Text Area/Call out/Quotes element as your title for these pages.

    On the “The text message that should be displayed”, why not place








    Yes, we ‘messed around’ last night and when we did what you suggested, the font size was too big.

    So, we did this in the top “Text Area/Callout/Quote” in our dynamic template::

    <h1 style=”font-size:26px;”>INTERNET MARKETING</h1>

    But now the space above it (to the horizontal line above it) is much smaller than where it was—it’s too close.

    Is there code we can put right here without having to use CSS and ‘messing up’ the H1 formatting elsewhere?




    Insert following code into the quick css field to fix the top margin of the callout text:

    .outer_callout.dynamic_el_1 {
    margin-top: 0;





    Perfect! Just what we needed. Now we can properly ‘code’ all our pages the way our SEO company, “Wpromote,” suggests is the best for the search engines—at least, as of today! ;^D

    Thanks again for everyone’s support on this!

    Mark Besh

    Visual Impact Systems


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