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    hello. am loving the angular theme. i am transitioning a blog from blogger to wordpress and am wondering about how to add images/thumbnails to search.php. also, i really like how you have the ‘angular twitter widget’ title link to my twitter account; i’d like to set that up for my pinterest and instagram widgets.

    site currently sits at:

    any advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you!


    Hi roonieco,

    It looks like you’ve got most of that squared away in the past day. If you’d like to get the thumbnails to not stretch, you can reduce the .news-thumb img in your custom.css to 36x36px and the same with the .news-thumb.

    I’m not sure about the Pinterest and Instagram widgets. I’ll flag this post and if I have some extra time this weekend I will look into adding the links to them since I’ll be adding the same to my own site in the next few weeks.




    Thanks, Devin! I did try to increase the dimensions of the news-thumb, but even with the regenerate thumbnail plug-in, I couldn’t get their quality better; i’ll change it back to 36px x 36px. That would be amazing if you could help with Pinterest and Instagram widget titles! Keep me posted!

    One more question. When I pulled in all the thumbnails using the “Auto Post Thumbnail” plug-in, it placed the featured image/slideshow below the title of each post in the blog. Could you point me the right direction as to where I could remove them, but without removing the thumbnails?

    Thanks so much for your help!


    Hey roonieco,

    I’m not sure what you mean for the blog layout. The default is for the featured image/slideshow container to be below the title. See:

    If you wanted to change that, you would need to re-order the elements for each blog post type in includes/format-gallery,quote,standard,slideshow(.php). Then do a little css adjustments to get it looking right.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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