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    Hi, the theme is great, these settings on W3TC seem to be working, it appears to be loading faster, but google page speed is still at 50(?)

    using W3TC and WP

    settings for W3TC

    – page cache – disk enhanced

    – minify manual on disk, html tidy, default JSmin & CSS tidy

    – database cache – disk

    – object cache – disk

    – browser cache

    Any other suggestions is appreciated,



    Hi DanaD,

    I suggest checking through your W3TC plugin settings for optimal performance. According to the Page Speed test I ran, your website could do with gzip compression and caching resources. Also, you make look at loading a smaller amount of numbers on the homepage and check the size of your images.

    Hope this helps!




    Hi Mya,

    Thank you, I tried WP gzip and it cited a header error and other compression plugins seem to be out of date. I edited my earlier post after playing with W3TC settings. Hopefully a W3TC update will help.

    Is there a better gzip compression that works with the theme and 3.3.2?

    Appreciate the quick response,



    Hi, correction to my earlier post, W3TC minify removes the shortcodes.

    Is there a compression and minify that works? Page speed is at 50 and mobile is 56. We would prefer to keep the images, and will be adding more and video. The way this theme features images is one of the reasons we like it and thought being a portfolio theme, it could handle it.

    Any suggestions are appreciated,

    thx again,



    Hi DanaD,

    Personally speaking, I use W3TC or WP Super Cache depending on the website. Mind you though I’ve never used those in combination with the Angular theme simply because I don’t have enough images to warrant them.

    Here’s two resources you may want to look into: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -loading-time.html

    The first link is a JavaScript plugin that basically loads images as the person scrolls down the page. The benefit is it reduces some of the initial loading time. Now I haven’t tested the plugin in conjunction with the Angular theme so I can’t guarantee it will work but may be worth a try.




    Thank you Mya, much appreciated.

    I tried Better WP Minify and it helps a little, (fyi – the other plugins were too outdated to use.) but its still at only 56. It’s been difficult to work with at this slow speed.

    Please, this needs to be faster,

    thank you,



    Hi DanaD,

    I’ll forward this to the other support team as well as Kriesi so they can read.




    I’d use W3TC because it works with all of our themes. However some (like Angular) require a manual configuration because the “auto minify” feature breaks the theme and/or plugins and you need to check which scripts break if you compress them.


    Thank you Dude.



    Hi, Still here and still have a problem with speed. Dude, I don’t know which scripts…, a use wordpress I don’t know which or what code, I was really hoping you guys would know that.

    W3TC does not work, speed is still at 50. I need specific HELP, like so many others I see on this forum have received.

    Can anyone help?


    Hi DanaD,

    We aren’t able to offer detailed plugin support unfortunately. However, I believe there is a help button in the minify settings tab of W3TC that will auto discover all the css and scripts the site is using. From there, you can select a script to minify and see if it causes any issues.

    If speed is a vital issue, you might want to also see if your host has a server package a bit higher than what you are already using. WordPress in some basic configurations (like named permalinks) can make an outrageous amount of DB calls when not optimized well and that can definitely cause performance issues on basic hosting packages.




    Thanks Devin. I have tried W3TC variations, different plugins, reloading smaller images….nothing is working to speed it up. Its down to 41, the W3TC minify keeps breaking.

    It is the theme that takes the longest to load. Its not a problem with the server, images, plugins or anything else. The problem is the premium theme. So, how do you speed it up? Am I really asking too much?

    Speed is an issue for those of us that want to provide a good, if not great, online experience. It’s really odd that I have to say that, but then again makes sense that the theme is slow if usability is not a factor.


    Hey DanaD,

    Its more an issue of there are so many factors that contribute to page speed that its not feasible to give detailed support past general recommendations.

    You could compress your images further, change your permalink settings to decrease the database calls, use a plugin like you already are and then there are the hosting settings and configurations.

    If you really want to get into optimizing speed, you could get your own CDN to load in your images. Not very practical with a portfolio site but its an option.




    Hi, I thought I’d add a comment on this issue. I installed the W3 Total Cache plugin too as a friend recommended it. My site was getting a speed rating of 15 which is very poor. The issues I had were with the ‘minify’ as mentioned above and had to do a trial and error manually with all the JS and CSS files. Eventually, it worked and improved the speed up to 38. I like this theme but the speed is pretty poor compared to some free themes which get to 80+. But I only use page, database, object and browser cache along with manual minify settings. I guess if I use CDN and Cloudflare I would see an improvement. If I sent a link to my site, would you be able to see if I can make any further improvements?



    Hi Chris,

    Probably not. The big thing with Angular is that it is an excellent visual portfolio. The ajax and all of the nice effects just take extra time to load in and process. Although the google web developer tools are great, they really shouldn’t be taken as the ultimate test of a complete site.

    With portfolio site in particular you almost always end up making sacrifices with loading time to achieve a better visual result. Usually this is with larger images and secondary to that is the presentation. Start taking away the presentation (grayscale effects, fancy sorting etc) and you’ll get better load time/performance.



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