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    Hi guys,

    although my website is really running smoothly with Angular, there is one element that takes much more time to load than the rest, the slider on frontpage. Although I have reduced the file size several times etc, the speed of the loading doesnt really change.

    Is there a way to change the slider or do anything about it so that the frontpage load faster?

    Also, I realized that in the Angular theme, when loading the frontpage, the website flashes (the top socket with the social icons etc…)!!!


    you can have a look here…



    Hi aj71785,

    It looks like right now you are using a video in the large slider area. If you decided to switch it back to the images I’ll take a look at the images/loading to see if I can offer any insight.

    Usually, plugins like can do a lot to speed up your site. With Angular however, you’ll need to individually tell it not to try and minify the javascript files since it tends to cause issues.




    Hi Devin,


    Unfortunately I am not really familiar with javascript etc… Is it an issue that I am using a video in the slider?

    I realized also that the theme is resizing the uploaded images (that I use as cover picture in my portfolio section) what forces css to change the jpgs from 465 x 346 to 231 x 171. This creates then a short delay in all my portfolio entries according to Google Speed Test.

    How can I provide the smaller sized images myself so CSS doesn’t have to resize? Would that help?



    Hey Alex,

    Its not an issue with using a video as the single image is the only thing loading in. There isn’t really a lot we can do to help speed up the page load/general performance unfortunately. The change involved to change the way the images load in is a bit extensive for what we could walk you through.

    There are a lot of different avenues to take to give better page loading time and general performance but it depends on your host, experience and how much time you want to take to get that extra second or two of loading time removed.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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