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    still working through Angular and how to setup the portfolio with linked sub-pages as demonstrated on the theme. After reading and watching videos I thought importing dummy data may assist. However this took out the work I had done and now I am left with a front page not displaying the slide show; the portfolio on front page [how?] and on all other pages [?how] and the contact form not showing. I work on google, google chrome and firefox 10.0.2. I have looked at the theme options, widgets, deactivated all plug-ins and now stuck how to progress. As well [prior to this] the theme seemed unstable in that I would select changes in the theme options and it would not recognise the change] Can you please assist. Thank you and looking forward to progressing with the site.


    I have the exact same problem please help.


    HI ishbel52,

    When you import the dummy data it automatically adds pages, menus and posts as well as changes your theme settings to closely match the demo site. So you will need to go back and probably re-set some of your settings that you had previously done.

    If you have specific tasks that you are finding issue with, we’ll do our best to assist :)



    thanks for getting back – I have done this – portfolio comes up on every page – contact form not functioning – all is very unstable – to be honest I am not sure what now to do apart from reinstalling the theme which is rework and downtime – can you please look at my site – you are welcome to login if that helps – just let me know & will setup – all help appreciated thank you


    Sure thing. You can send me the login details here: DevinVinson(at)



    well I’m still online so thanks – will send detail to email cheers :)


    Hi Isobelle,

    I logged in and it looks like when the dummy data got added in it assigned the multiple sample portfolio pages to overwrite some of your other non-portfolio pages instead.

    While I’m here, and I assume you are still online. What was the original issue you were looking to solve when installing the dummy data?


    HI Devin

    miracles never cease – thought it had got tangled – yes thanks re the dummy data – so you have resolved that – VERY MUCH appreciated thanks

    BUT any tips on the portfolio would be a bonus – I can add pics from gallery but I cannot get the logic around doing what the theme does – that is add image to an item [assume] or post under a category [assume] then when mouse select on item it drops into a sub page [in the portfolio] with the blurb [meta data etc] – that is what I cannot get my head around – so any tips would be great

    Yes still online – time zones etc but having this support is very worth it – thanks once again and as said any tips a bonus :) Cheers


    Hello Isobelle,

    I created a portfolio item for you and saved it as a draft. It has some text, a few pictures added to the Featured Media and everything set to go. You can publish it if you’d like and see how it looks.

    If you add images to the Feature Media in your other portfolio items, you’ll have three images that when clicked on, load the text and larger versions above just like in the demo. I hope that illustrates the steps a bit so that you can keep going with the new website :)

    Let us know if you have any other issues to tackle.


    HI Devin

    that is exactly what I want to achieve – thank you – I will work on this in the next couple of days – just logged in – this I think will move me forward – much appreciated :) – I will keep at it – touch base later. Cheers


    Glad to hear it! I’ll mark this topic as resolved and when you have another question/issue just make a new topic and we’ll address it.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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