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    The missus has just got the new Samsung S3 and my website (and some other Angular themed sites) don’t display correctly.

    Initially the Text call out style flashes up but then it disapears

    The Logo/Partner list doesn’t show

    And neither does the pagination

    All works fine on my rickety old Samsung S1 running Android gingerbread.

    Any help appreciated.

    PS: The demo angular theme on themeforest does work


    Hey julesmegson,

    I’m not aware of anything major that would cause that with 4.1+ but I don’t have anything with jellybean to test on at the moment. I’ll tag the post for the rest of the support crew to see if anyone has one of the newer android devices to bug test the issue. If not, it’ll need to be Kriesi.





    If the demo works then the problem originates from one of your plugins or any customization you may have added to the theme. Please remove all the plugins and see if everything begins working. If not then my suggestion is to have a clean install , then after making sure the page works as the demo, to slowly start adding your customization one by one while checking the mobile device, until you hit the point when the problems manifest




    Thanks, I will try that. I’ve deliberately tried to keep the plugins to a minimum but I’m sure you are right.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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