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    Sup guys.

    I’ve found some issues on the theme and i dont know how to solve this. I’ll list for you guys:

    1 – My site ( 2 pages, but the second page is not working. When i click click above “2” to see the second portfolio items page, the site refresh and do not change any portfolio items..just showing the same items like before. What’s going on?


    2 – The feature “contact” is not working in your theme. I’ve been testing differents ways to receive e-mails from contact form that you made, but, it’s not working. I’ve set up WP MAIL SMTP and it still not working. What should i do to solve it? Please help me.

    Sreenshot WP Mail SMTP:
    Sreenshot WP Mail SMTP 2:
    Screenshot Angular Contact Feature:

    3 – My site is all about portfolio items (i dont use posts) and i need to able comments on to portfolio items. How can i do that?


    I’ll open my website for all users in three days, please, i really need your help.

    Thiago Souza.


    Just so you know, I only receive e-mail when i type the same e-mail i’ve configured in your Contact feature. I mean, i configured the e-mail (Email address hidden if logged out) into “Your email adress” in your theme. Ok. when i am in my site typing the contact form (, i just receive any e-mails in (Email address hidden if logged out) (this is the email configured early), IF, i write into EMAIL FORM the SAME email (Email address hidden if logged out) .

    Whats should i do to solve?


    Hi Souza,

    For #1, change your permalink settings to default in Settings>permalinks and then test the pagination again. If it works, go back and change the setting to what you had before and give it another test. If it fails on the custom permalink structure follow the troubleshooting tips here:

    #2 – If no contact form setting is working you need to talk to your domain host about what php mail restrictions you have on your server.

    #3 – You can add the comment form to your portfolio items by adding the following

    					//wordpress function that loads the comments template "comments.php"
    					comments_template( '/includes/comments.php'); 

    just after the related post call in single-portfolio.php.



    Hey Dervin, sup? Thanks for your support.

    About 1#: I’ve changed the permalinks by default, but, it ’till not working. The link changes to but (unfortunately) keep showing the same portfolio items without moving. I’ve taking some screenshots for you see (maybe it may help). Note: i’m using %postname% structure now, but if needed, i can change to default again. All i want is to solve my problem.

    About 2#: Ok. I’ll check with my domain host whats going on.

    About 3#: Ok. It works perfectly.


    No more answers?



    #1 is a duplicate of – closed.

    Best regards,

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