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    I would like to request NEW FUNCTIONALITY for Angular portfolios: The ability to have multiple portfolio “page slugs,” so that sites that have multiple portfolios (like ours will in the next month or so), can have “long-tail” urls that are more descriptive, increasing page ranking throughout the site.


    (Home page—this is just fine)

    (We will be naming this ‘page’ “internet-services”—so this ‘level’ is fine)

    (We will be renaming this ‘page’ “web-sites”—so this ‘level’ is fine, too).

    So, when we finally get to a ‘page’ (portfolio item), it ‘adds’ the “page slug” to it:

    What we would like to have is:

    (Note: This is a made-up page, and does not exist)

    [Note: We will be moving the site to after we are finished developing it, so the “wordpress” will go away].

    Thanks, ahead of time, for you effort on this,



    Hi Mark,

    I’ll tag the feature request for Kriesi to take a look at :)





    Although the idea is quite nice, I really am not sure if wordpress supports that kind of functionality. As far as I know a custom post type (in our case the portfolio post type) can always only have a single page slug, especially if its a non hierachical post type.

    You might be able to pulls off something like this with a lot of modifications but I wouldnt even know where to start, sorry…


    Well, when we have used a ‘normal’ (non-ajaxed) WordPress template (with Genesis), it ‘automatically’ creates the long-tails based on the menu structure (Example: ).

    So, if it’s not possible with your template, if we ‘delete’ the slug text (make it blank), will it not be used? If so, then should we just manually edit the Permalink for the portfolio entry to be exactly what we want? i.e. make it: — if the slug can be ‘removed’ not to automatically appear).

    Question then: Is there a ‘limit’ to how many portfolio items there can be? (we are planning to have 400-500, including all the navigation ‘placeholders’).



    There has to be at least some kind of prefix for the individual items as far as I know. I don’t know how Genesis structures it, but they may not be using custom post types or something like that.

    The number of portfolio items shouldn’t be an issue.

    There is a lot you can do with permalinks and re-writing them but there is also a lot of room for error and issues. Permalink complication can also significantly slow down a database. It gets in to a realm of complication not appropriate for these forums, but if you really want to customize them completely and believe it will help with SEO, I’d recommend looking into a freelance developer who can further customize the portfolio post type for exactly what you are looking for.

    That way you have complete control over the final outcome.





    Not SEO ‘experts’ (but know a bit), we have been under the impression, for the past few years, that long-tail URLs really do help site indexing and ranking “a lot.” Do you—or any one else—know, for sure, that this is true—or not anymore? This would help us determine if we want to ‘hard-code’ the Permalinks.

    Can you think of any other “issues” we would be getting into with such a large site?




    Your best route for optimization would be using something like Yoast SEO:

    Going from (Purchase code hidden if logged out) to (Purchase code hidden if logged out) probably won’t make a huge difference. Down the road if you feel the change would be worth the cost, you can look into it.



    Yes, we have heard that Yoast is the ‘best’ for WordPress. We will take your advice, and got hat route.

    Thanks for all your effort on this!

    Issue closed.


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