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    I have a text file to give you that might help you two/Kriesi solve the drop-down menu ‘flashing’ problem on our site.

    It has a list of all of the plugins we are running, and all of the code changes all of you had us make to the original Angular files in the past few months.

    How do I get it to you?


    Hi mbesh,

    You can post it to something like and put a link here. But as I tried to explain before, we really are not capable of digging in to a single issue like this and completely debugging it. You will need to look into a freelance developer to actually debug and fix this issue as the depth involved is just too great for what we can do via support.

    If we could duplicate the error on our end with a clean install of the theme that would be on us, but as is it stands this is a singular issue that is only happening on this specific installation.

    If Kriesi has any other Ideas he will post them on your flagged topic but once things start getting heavily customized and there are multiple plugins involved the amount of variables and time needed gets a bit much.





    Sorry—forgot to tell you, on this thread, that the ‘flashing’ problem was solved in another thread.



    Mark Besh

    Visual Impact Systems



    Good thing it is fixed. :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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