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    Hello, I’m setting up my site with Angular and the Contact form works fine with a standard email address (gmail for example) but if I use my domain email address (hosted using google apps) the emails never come through. Can you help me troubleshoot this?

    My domain emails (hosted with google apps) work fine ever where else.

    Thank you



    I’m going to flag the rest of the support team. I don’t use Google Apps to host my email so I can’t be of much help.




    Thanks Mya, it would be much appreciated :)



    I’m not sure why it doesn’t work but maybe the google apps spam filter blocks the emails?




    I’ve had issues with client sites and Google Apps based email addresses…It’s not theme related. You’ll need to install a plugin like these to add the contact email’s info (including password) so that mail can be sent securely.

    Even though it says it hasn’t been updated in a while I’ve used the first one successfully on quite a few client sites; I haven’t used the others. The only catch is that if the password changes on the email address, emails once again won’t be sent properly.


    Hey vibeGirl,

    Thanks for the great info! Hopefully this helps you out weareoutpost :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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