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    I can use a hand here.

    I read the Angular documentation, but I couldn’t find answers to these questions. It could be I’m calling things by the wrong name.

    I’m not sure if I’m using the right terminology, for example, I get confused between portfolio & gallery but i’ll give it a try…

    Is it possible to select a different thumbnail (the 233×173-ish image in the portfolio)? In other words use a detail of the post image or a separate image for the thumbnail of a post. (a post is what opens up when you click on the thumbnail image right?)

    Is it possible to use a video thumbnail so the user can play the video right in the portfolio?


    Hi Gmartin,

    The only way to pick a specific thumbnail image that isn’t used for the actual portfolio item would be to upload a new image to overwrite the one that gets created upon upload. It’ll be in your media folder labled photname-size.jpg or png etc. Its a bit more of extra labor but its the only way to have that much control over the thumbnails displayed in the portfolio overview.

    Do you mean like the “Sphere” video here:

    If so, just use the Add external video by URL option for the Featured media box when adding a portfolio item. If you want to have a preview thumbnail exactly like the example above, you need to add another image by clicking on the video icon (after you’ve inserted it).





    Thank you for the speedy reply.

    where does the replacement happen?

    If I overwrite the image that’s there won’t it replace the larger image in the post as well?

    as for the video, i meant having the video start while in thumbnail mode not when it enlarges in the post.


    There are multiple image sizes created whenever you upload an image so if you replace a smaller size it won’t effect any of the others.

    Videos can start while in the thumbnail as long as there is not a preview image set for it.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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