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    When a user clicks on one of the images on the home page, could they be sent to another “portfolio” page showing ‘sub-topics’ instead of showing the ajaxed “detail/excerpt” project info [with the “-“, “+”, “x” along the top]?


    Home page has “Advertising Promos”, “Marketing Programs”, “Internet Marketing” images (in the first ‘row’). If one clicks on “Marketing Programs”, they are sent to another “portfolio” page (non-ajaxed “landing page”) with “Corporate Identity”, “Events”, and “Product Manuals” images on it (in the first ‘row’). Then when the user clicks on “Corporate Identity”, they are sent to the final portfolio “landing page” (non-ajaxed) with a bunch of images that pertain to Corporate Identity (“Happy Holidays”, “Tongue Stuck”, Abstract”, etc.) [Note: This ‘portfolio will now finally use the ‘sorting’ function above]. Then when someone clicks on one of these images, it works ‘normally’ (ajaxed), and shows the ‘project’ info above it.

    Shown another way:

    Example Site “Hierarchy”:




    – Corporate Identity

    – Happy Holidays

    – Tongue Stuck

    – Abstract

    – NON

    – Yeti

    – Sphere

    – Events

    – Product Manuals

    – Sales Presentations

    – Strategic Plans

    – Merchandising

    – Marketing Service 7

    – Marketing Service 8

    – Marketing Service 9

    – Marketing Service 10

    – Marketing Service 11

    – Marketing Service 12





    MOCKED-UP IMAGES (Portfolio “Landing Pages”):

    Thank you, ahead of time, for your efforts on this!

    Mark Besh

    Visual IMPACT!


    Hi mbesh,

    First follow the instructions here to remove the links in the text:

    Next, you’ll set up your final portfolio items first. So the very last step in you navigation chain where the user reaches the actual items. Then work backwards creating portfolio items for each navigation “link”. How to on that is in the theme documentation which is in the documentation folder in the zip you downloaded from theme forest.

    After all the items are created, create the pages that will wold each step. So Home then tier2 pages, tier 3 pages etc. Now you can go to the Theme Options> Portfolio and use the options there to assign groups of items to those pages you just created. Hit the green + sign to create a new portfolio section and do that for all the pages that will be used as navigation pages as well as the end portfolio page that links to the actual items. Set each of them to not use the ajax version.

    Now you can go into each portfolio item and set the image in its featured image area to Link to Page and then select the page you want that item to go to.

    Its pretty straight forward once you do a few steps of it but it will take a bit of time to set up.





    Thank you very much for the quick response.

    Just to be clear, you want me to create regular WordPress “Pages” for the actual ‘project’, and for each of the navigation “levels.” Then you want me to use the “portfolio” function to ‘populate’ the Pages with the images that the user will click on to go to the next level of navigation, and finally the actual ‘project’ info page (that will be ajaxed).

    Will replacing the code in the portfolio.php file “limit” me in some way? (Will I lose ‘functionality’?).

    Kind Regards,



    Hi Mark,

    Devin described the process.

    Creating Child Portfolios (level 2)

    1) create all level-2a “portfolio categories” (not regular categories)

    2) create all level-2a “portfolio item pages” (not regular pages)

    3) create level-2a portfolio dynamic template

    4) create regular page “Portfolio 2a” – and assign level-2a dynamic template to it.

    5) create level-2b, 2c, 2d etc.(repeat steps 1-4). as many times as you will have portfolio items in level 1

    Creating Main Portfolio. (level 1)

    6) create all level-1 “portfolio categories” (not regular categories) –

    7) create all level-2a “portfolio item pages” (not regular pages). *** After you add the portfolio item image, click the ‘show’ link on the portfolio item page to the right of the image you just uploaded (shown on link below) and you need to have the portfolio item image point to your level2a main page. the next portfolio item will point to portfolio 2b page (look here -> ).

    8) create the level 1 portfolio dynamic template

    9) attack template to your master level 1 portfolio home.

    10) apply the edit that Devin describes here

    Thats it,




    Don’t know if we did it ‘properly’, but here’s what we’ve come up with:

    [Presents a “Landing Page” of selections – Level 1]

    [Click on INTERNET]

    (Takes one to the INTERNET SERVICES “Landing Page” of selections – Level 2)


    [Click on “WEB SITE NAV. P.H.”]

    (Takes one to the WEB SITES “Portfolio” – Level 3)

    Then it works ‘normally’ as an ajaxed “Portfolio.”


    1). For SEO purposes, when one clicks on “Commercial Site 1”, then clicks on “Read more”, can the ‘slug’ be “interactive” (taking on the name of the portfolio page name—”web-sites-test-page” in this instance), rather than just reading what is in the “page slug” area in the Portfolio Theme Options box?

    2). Do the “Related Entries” below the ‘project’ pics get selected by random? (since they change if you do a page refresh). Why are they presented out of order? (neither alphabetically or by the latest date of the item).

    Thanks for all your help!



    Hi Mark,

    1) No, the url isn’t able to be changed on the fly. The page is loaded in via ajax so *that* page has the url and is indexed by search engines and not the page that loads it.

    2) They are randomly selected based on categories.





    Thanks for your time and effort on this. One last thing:

    You instructed us to change the “loop-portfolio.php” file with some code as not to show the “ajaxed” version when clicking on the title (and it works just fine). But, when we upgrade to 1.5, it, of course, was overwritten and changed back to the default’.

    Is there some other way to change this code and not have it overwritten by upcoming theme updates, or will we just have to remember to change it when we update the theme?



    Hi Mark,

    You’ll need to reapply that change after each update.

    Additionally, when updating you could just replace the files that the version.rtf (in the package you get from Themeforest) says have been updated. This would be via FTP but it would mean you only replace those files that have been updated after each update.





    That’s how we’ll do it then.

    Thanks for all your/Nick’s help on this!

    You can ‘close’ this thread.


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