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    Hello, I have version 1.4 of angular and want to update with the current version. Is there an automatic update procedure, as is the case with the themes provided with wordpress, so angular update without overwriting any customization of my current version.

    Because of course, is what happens if I copy the new version of angular FTP.

    Thank you in advance, Damien


    Hi agirjuste!

    No, WordPress will always write over the entire theme folder when installing an update so you will need to update your files manually using the version.txt in the full download as a guide for which files to update.



    Thank you, but when I copy the folder framework to version 1.4 to 1.8, the function” Angular Template Builder” disappears in the admin. So I went back to 1.4 for this reason. What should I do to fix this?

    Best regards, Damien



    Thank you for the update.

    I’m sorry but we can’t help you with this because we don’t know which files have been modified. Next time, please create a change log to keep track of the modified files or use a child theme to preserve the modifications. You need to update the theme if you upgrade wp to 3.9 then redo the modifications.



    Hello, I’m not sure it will be understood. When angular installed in wordpress in the administration area there is the function with angular “theme options” and “template builder”.

    With “Template builder”, you can access a screen to create dynamic templates. However in angular 1.8, this screen disappears. It is not possible to modify the previously created templates or create new ones.

    Templates do exist and work well, but this function before you provide to modify or create angular disappeared in angular 1.8.

    Is this an oversight, a bug? What can I do to bring back this feature?

    This feature disappears when I replace “Framework 1.4” by “Framework 1.8” :
    Template builder



    As far as i know there is no Angular 1.8, i have 1.7 on my local installation and i’m able to see and use the Template Builder with no issues. It should be right here:
    (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /00000126.png” alt=”” />



    Josue thank you for your reply. But to make the migration, I’m referred to “versions.txt” file which calls for angular switch to 1.8, when on wordpress 3.9 which is my case.

    See below, I’ve put a copy of the early “versions.txt” file included with the download of the upgrade of 1.8 angular.


    As you say it works in 1.7, so I will migrate to 1.7 angular. But nevertheless it does seem that there is a bug on angular 1.8. Unless I’m missing something, in this case what?



    Actually … I can not go in 1.7 either, because it is the result of replacing “framework” that created the problem, as I return to 1.4.

    I downloaded the 1.8 and angular migration “framework” has a problem that it can not be available with the 1.7 migration …

    I do not know what to do. Is it be possible to download the 1.7 migration, to see if it works there?

    thank you



    Not sure what could be happening but when I activate Angular 1.8 on my live dev install with WordPress 3.9 running I have no issues seeing the template builder or the theme options.

    I would suggest trying to first deactivate all active plugins then check again, Next, download your version of the theme and then do a full upload of 1.8 and see if things work at that point.



    Thank you for your help,

    I tried to disable all plugins, then install 1.8 angular … without success.
    So I came back in 1.4 … and my class managed system in wordpress not working. Rather than bother me, I asked my ISP to restore to restore the situation.

    By screening, I will stay in 1.4 for the moment. If you have the idea of ​​a simple procedure to make me try. Otherwise, a priori angular wordpress 1.4 + 3.9, it looks to go :-)

    Otherwise, other solutions 1.4 overwriting all the files of the 1.8 without distinction. Apart from the fact that the problem remains, it forces me to redo all my design by hand and I’m not even getting there easily …

    thank you,



    Thank you for the info.

    This must have something to do with the customization that you did on Angular 1.4. Note that you need to upload the whole Angular 1.8 theme files, not just the “framework” folder. If possible, please create a test site with WP 3.9 and the fresh copy of Angular 1.8. Post the login details here and set it as a private reply. We would like to check it. We’re really not sure what’s wrong with your installation because the update is working fine on ours.



    Thank you Ismael,

    Alternatively crush all angular 1.4 and copy 1.8 file and redo the template.

    To do this copy all files angular 1.4 somewhere as a backup, and then run over by angular 1.8. See if problem resolved. If this is the case, I custumise hand to find my blog as I want.

    If still problem, I go back to 1.4 angular I saved. What do you think? What bothers me, it’s lot of work!




    Yes, this sounds like a plan. In fact there shouldn’t be any problem with the update because we didn’t change the data or database structure. However sometimes a writing error may occur in the database and this unfortunately can break the entire dynamic template data because we use serialized data to store the templates.



    Hello, I copied all angular 1.8. Then copy the few files I had modified 1.4 for customization and it’s all good.

    thank you

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