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    Hey, i have the website, a modified abundance theme, and i’m using woocommerce to power the site.

    The problem i’m having right now, is that while google tracking seems to be working, there is a HUGE gap (as in orders of magnitude) difference between what the websites that are sending my traffic are registering, and the hits that i’m registering with google analytics.

    They are sending it via a Joomla banner redirect thing, i don’t know if that’s what’s messing with it, but maybe it’s a problem on my site?

    I noticed that the abundance theme has a google analytics field as well, but i have only added my tracking number to the woocommerce integration tab (the abundance one is empty). Should i enter into both? Would that double count ? Should i perhaps only use the abundance one?


    Hi dracovich,

    I would suggest only adding it to the Abundance field. You’ll add the whole script with the unique ID inside it to that field and it will then added to the footer of every single page.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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