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    I have a Problem when using the Amplify contact form (with wordpress 3.0.1): I fill in name and e-mail, but as soon as I change the row, both fields get cleared, thus the entries are no longer visible. The contact form does work, meaning the message sent gets to me – including name and e-mail info. But the fact that one types it in on the website only to see it cleared even before pushing the send button is kind of confusing to customers. Any ideas how to fix that? Thanks!



    What’t the site URL?

    Do you still have the problem if you disable all your plugins?



    It’s http://www.schwiebert-online.de

    And I have no active plugins.


    I think this is a css problem. In style4.css you have following code:

    /*border for ajax input fields*/
    .ajax_valid .text_input, .ajax_valid .text_area{border:1px solid #388be7; color:#FFFFFF;} /*#70A41B*/
    .ajax_false .text_input, .ajax_false .text_area{border:1px solid #cc16b0; color:#fff;}
    .ajax_alert .text_input, .ajax_alert .text_area{border:1px solid #ffb628;}

    The text is displayed in white (color:#FFFFFF;) so you can’t see it anymore on a white background :-) . Actually the text is there but “invisible”. Please choose another color like black (color:#000;) or dark grey (color:#333;)

    The Dude


    Dude, you’re a genius. That really was just too simple. Thanks a lot.


    Glad that I could help.

    The Dude

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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