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    I’ve looked for an answer to this question, but it seems nobody can answer this. I’ve disabled all of my plugins thinking this might help, but my WooCommerce does not have the lightbox option so my images display in a the same Internet Explorer Window “maximixed” and I cannot use it this way.

    I previosly used the Tribulant Sotware Storefront and this displayed my photos correctly. If I disable the WooCommerce plugin and use Tribulant again, all works fine. I’v uninstalled and reinstalled this 3 to 4 times, but still no lightbox. Everytime that I deactivated, I also deleted all of the WooCommerce. I even uninstalled the Theme with no changes. I’m running the Woocommerce 1.5.8, WordPress 3.4.1, and Propulsion 1.3.2

    I’m really getting frustrated trying to find products that will work good together.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,



    Hi Kelly,

    Can you provide us with a link to an example where the lightbox doesn’t work? Does this only happen in Internet Explorer? What version of Internet Explorer are you using?

    In the meantime, I’m going to flag the rest of the team to see if they have any ideas.




    Hi Mya, I’m using Internet Explorer 9. I didn’t try any other browser, but I can do this. The problem that I see is that the “option” within Woocommerce under the “General” tab “Syles and Scripts” I don’t have thel ightbox option. I am using the “open Lightbox when clicked” option within the product configuration or product editing under the “Apply Link to Image”

    I have also looked at the Woocommerce plugin “editor” and do see lightbox located in there. I’m confised to why it doesn’t offer the options in the Woocommerce “Settings”

    Here are some links

    Click the main picture and you’ll see what I mean.

    Thank you,



    I’ve also check with Tribulant, to see if their software was leaving some files from their program that would prevent Woocommerce from using lightbox. They said that the only place the files are loaded would be in the plugin area and uninstalling removes everything. I also would check through the file manager area for any files left from any of the pugins and there were none, so I’m not sure why Woocommerce will not use the lightbox. If I go an reinstall Tribulant, my pictures show up right. However, Tribulant, does not work the best with the Propulsion theme since it uses “Posts” for it’s product pages.



    Did you try to deactivate all other plugins except WooCommerce? I think the DataGuard plugin conflicts with avia.js.




    Hi, I have diabled it and will give it another try, I will test it and get back.

    Thank you for the reply,



    Peter – Thank you, that was it. I disabled the DataGuard and it’s now working. You’re a Genius….

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